From time to time I play with constructing things out of collected objects and reusables. Objects included in these are foil, cat food containers, computer parts, books and other stuff I find around the house, including some rejected art trials.

Rider Haggard - Altered books show.Poe - The Raven - Altered books show.Poe - The Raven - Altered books show.Made in Mexico (beach trash). Base 20 x 25cmIn the Surf (beach trash). Base 20 x 25cmDe-evolution (beach trash). Base 20 x 25cmBlue Glove with Pepsi (beach trash) Base 20 x 25cmEight Fish Swimming.(beach trash) 41 x 51cmRUN. (beach trash) 41 x 51cmHang On. (beach trash) 25 x 60cmMaud ParkGothicCalling Shag HarbourMars Attacks Wired WeirdSwitched OnBarns iBird199.JPGSycamoreBarnsA Book of Unrequited ArtA Book of Unrequited ArtCome-from-Aways, The MovieCome-from-Aways, Detail