Love of life. Love of art. It starts when you are young. Keep the spirit alive!

Dan Earle works in watercolour, pencil, etching, and other media. He studied landscape architecture at Michigan State and Harvard universities, and taught in the college of Design at Louisiana State University for 37 years.  Much of his past artistic work was directed to illustration of landscape design projects.

Since retirement from teaching, and relocating in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia,   Dan has focused his work on more free and creative expression.  His favored subjects are Nova Scotia buildings and landscapes, boats, and  common objects found around the house or studio.  He enjoys playing and experimenting with various media.

Dan’s artistic work is enhanced by his interest in sea kayaking, walking, canoeing, and gardening, activities that bring him into contact with appropriate subject matter from our region. He is also a member of Yarmouth Creatives in the Yarmouth, NS, mall. 

Dan may be contacted at:

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