Watercolour doodles

Sometimes I am not too much into getting involved in a “real painting” so just play around with colour and composition. I have to remember that I am not an artist but an image maker. I heard on CBC the other day in a discussion about ART, that to be art the image has to be “transformational” to the person(s) seeing, hearing or watching it. Wow! That would be too much pressure for me and I would never get anything done. I am pretty happy when I like an image I make. If it also appeals to someone else that is a bonus. If a piece ┬áis transformational for you I will feel doubly blessed. I must warn you that I have seen a lot of art, have a satisfying collection, but no transformational pieces. Not that I am immune from the feeling as a live performance of Wagner’s Ring Cycle does place me in a new space so I know what is being said.

How did I get into that? Anyway, here are some non-transforational doodles. I should add that playing around with doodles does inform my other, more serious (whatever they are), images.

Click on them to see larger but still non-transformational images.


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