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Watercolour on canvas

Have been experimenting with watercolour on canvas.  The canvas, wood, metal, or whatever you want to paint on is first coated with a transparent or opaque watercolour ground. The surface then accepts watercolour paint. It reacts quite differently from paper as it does not soak into the surface. It is easy to pick-up colours to make lighter areas and if one does not like the result it can all be washed off, recoated, and painted again.

Click on image to see larger version.


Finally Done!

Well, at least mostly caught up with a fair representation of  work done over many years. Now my job it to keep it up-to-date and have others join and subscribe to my art blog.  Looking forward to a good year at the Waterfront Gallery at the Marina in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. You can visit our new site at to keep up with the 15 or so artist we represent.




Welcome to the Dan Earle Art blog. I am currently in the process of setting up the web page to provide access to my art to anyone who may wish to share it with me. I intend to include a large portion of my past work and keep it up-to-date with new images as I progress on in exploration. Please subscribe if you would like to receive announcements of new art and ideas.